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Welcome to Drum Spokane

At Drum Spokane we specialize in teaching traditional West African music, maintaining and rebuilding hand drums, with over 30 years of professional experience in teaching and drumcrafting.

We repair drums ... problem solved!


Our service provides a complete rebuild of your drum, including tear down, oiling the shell, inspection for any other damage, new rope if necessary,

installing a new goatskin head from Guinea, and tuning.


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Ni kan tiyen, sewa tiyen. Ni sewa tiyen, kantiyen.

(Without music, there is no joy. Without joy, there is no music.)

                     - Mandingue proverb


As with any instrument, your drum must be maintained in order to perform at its best. Over time, you'll need to remove the old rope, redo the tuning knots, and you'll eventually need to replace the drum head because the skin is damaged. That is where we come in. At Drum Spokane we specialize in maintaining and rebuilding hand drums, with over 30 years of experience in drumcrafting.


We service drums nationwide, and offer free pickup and delivery in the Spokane area.

When the day comes that your drum head needs to be replaced, don’t despair, this happens to every drum eventually. And is an opportunity to get your drum in better shape than it has ever been before!

We offer:

Quality hand drum repair service for clients nationwide.

Free local pickup and delivery in the Spokane area.

NOTE: see information below for shipping details if you are out of the area

Our standard service includes a complete tear down and rebuild of your drum:

  • Drum inspection

  • Removal of existing head

  • Bearing edge sanded and drum shell oiled

  • Installation of a new head (we will use the drums existing rings and ropes unless they are flawed)

  • Tuning for optimal sound


Additional work and materials may be required or advised (i.e. replacement rope, woodwork and body repair) and will be discussed in advance before any additional work is done. Instrument repair is a fine art, each instrument is unique and treated individually.

If you are outside the Spokane area, return shipping once your drum has been repaired is a $25 flat rate. When shipping your drum to us, please be sure to insure it and pack your drum well for safe travel; Drum Spokane cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred during shipping to us.

Our work speaks for itself ...

... but we love your feedback

"Hi Michael,
The drums sound AWESOME!  The kids were pretty excited to see your work.

- Jeff McMurtery, Salk Middle School

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